Aging-in-Place Remodeling

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As you age, your home may feel more like an obstacle course rather than a place of comfort. Senior citizens aren’t able to move or live the way they used to, and their homes should match their current capabilities and comfort levels. L. Evans Design Group can help you with the ideal aging in place home design, one that’s optimized for safety, ease of access and prioritizes health and wellness. No matter if the remodel is for you or an elderly loved one, we’re here to help.

What To Bear in Mind With Your Remodel

When it comes to a universal home design for aging in place, you’ve got to focus on a design that everyone can make use of without the need for a specialized design. The layout of your home should flow rather than “stutter.” A few things to keep in mind with a universal design and home modification include:

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One-Floor Design or Two

You need to decide whether you prefer a one-floor design, with all the necessary rooms on the main floor, or the inclusion of an elevator or stair glide to reach a second level.

No-Step Entry

No-step entry is best to prevent trips and falls, but you’ll want to be sure your layout includes proper drainage because your doorway will be level with the walking surface found just outside your door.

The Kitchen

The kitchen design for an aging in place home remodel should include a few necessities. For instance, a pull-out pantry eliminates the need to move things around to see everything on the shelves. Including rounded edges on counters means no one hits a hip or elbow on sharp counters, which can seriously injure a senior citizen. Widened doors will also make it easy for those with walkers or wheelchairs to maneuver in and out of rooms. Positioning the sink close to the stove means less distance for moving heavy pots from the stove to the sink. Including a workstation between the two areas is a good idea. Microwaves installed at or below counter height are easier for eliminating reaching and bending.

The Bathroom

As for a bathroom optimized for seniors, it should be located on the first floor. Removable shower heads are often easier to wash with, and rain heads are another option you may like. A curbless shower (or walk-in shower) could be a better option than a walk-in tub, which takes time to fill up and drain and can still include a low step to navigate. Be sure your bathroom design includes a toilet that’s easier for citizens to sit down on and get up from. The addition of a bidet or a bidet accessory can make it easier for older individuals to keep themselves clean. Such accessories and additions also allow the elderly to maintain their dignity.

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