Health & Safety Process

We keep you, your home, and our workers safe throughout every project.

All remodels involve dust, demolition, and various remodeling professionals in your home. Homeowners often ask us what precautions we take to ensure the safety of people and property. Our approach involves:

  • Protecting your home from damage
  • Maintaining a safe, clean worksite
  • Offering remote, virtual services whenever possible

Protecting Your Home from Damage and Dust

Dust barriers keep debris from spreading.

The simplest method of dust control during renovation is to shut doors that lead to the work area. This helps homeowners maintain more privacy and keeps them safely separated from the work area. In addition to closing doors, we also put up heavy-duty dust barriers at every opening.

We keep your floors safe.

We provide floor protection during construction by covering all floors and walls in the pathway to the remodel area. This protects your home and limits accidental damage that could occur while carrying items to the work area. Additionally, we also lay down a rug at the entrance to your remodel site so that workers can wipe their shoes, remove them or put on booties before getting to work.

Keep doors closed to areas of the home that are not affected by the remodel.

Protecting pathways to the work area can include covering walls, floors, and railings.

When appropriate, we use heavy plastic zipper protection systems.

Keeping the Worksite Clean, Safe & Healthy

Health and cleanliness are top priorities.

We are extremely diligent about cleaning up after ourselves, and regularly disinfecting every job site has become standard practice. In addition…

  • We bring hand sanitizer and locked porta-potties with lockbox codes so that only our personal trade workers can access them. We have them cleaned weekly and keep them locked when not on site.
  • All our workers have always worn face masks, body protection, and booties.
  • Everyone at L. Evans Design Group is accustomed to staying home when sick.
  • Even before the recent move towards social distancing, it has always been important to us to manage one trade at a time in your house. This minimizes disruption in your home and makes for a more streamlined remodel process.

We protect our workers.

For each project, we assemble a work box that contains emergency information, phone numbers, the location of the nearest hospital, and a first aid kit. We also make sure to always have running water and a fire extinguisher on hand.

Additional Steps We Take

We’re disinfecting more.

A clean worksite has always been a top priority for us. Along with additional hand sanitizer, we will now keep a spray bottle of disinfectant on the job site to wipe down doorways, light switches, on-site lockboxes or any surface used by our workers regularly.

Homeowners want health-conscious design options.

We are also making it easier for homeowners to install features that promote health and cleanliness.

On every bathroom remodel, we will automatically include an outlet near the toilet for the owner to add a toilet washlet seat if desired. If you don’t find it necessary to purchase a unit at the time of your remodel but would like to add one eventually, this makes the installation process much easier, since the majority of toilet washlet seats require a standard plug, which can be neatly and conveniently placed at the rear of the toilet.

Independent filtered water faucets have become very popular for kitchen and bathroom sinks. We also suggest adding a matching soap dispenser that attractively enhances whatever sink faucet you choose.

Wearing gloves, N95 masks, or full body protection is always an integral part of the remodeling protocol.

Putting filters on cold air return ducts is another way to keep dust levels down.

Confining the work area gives homeowners more separation and privacy.

Remote Remodeling Services

Virtual communication is safe and convenient.

Although construction needs to take place at your home, most planning and communication can be done virtually, if you choose. Here’s how:

  • Phone calls, text messages, and emails are great ways to quickly transfer information and discuss your project.
  • All of our purchasing and accounting practices are exclusively internet-based.
  • Permits and CODE inspections are also procured over the internet.
  • Plans can be scanned and sent for your review. In fact, many of our projects are computer-generated.
  • Once your project is underway, we send you regular emails to update you on any schedule changes or information that helps you understand the flow of your project.

When possible, we still like to meet with you in person to go over details or onsite changes, but these meetings can involve limited exposure when necessary.

We are always flexible and available.

You always have a point person to communicate with — either the L. Evans Design Group owners or staff, depending on your project. This not only results in better, more efficient communication; it also reduces the number of people you interact with. Your point person is always available remotely or in-person to answer questions at any point in the process.

Is 100% remote remodeling possible?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on your living situation. For example, we completed one recent remodel entirely over the internet while the client was living in another state for two months. We started the project the day they left town and finished two months later before they returned. We kept the homeowner informed the whole time using texting, email, and FaceTime. Remodeling a house from afar is certainly a possibility.

On-site camera shots are especially helpful for projects like these. That means we take a picture of any ongoing processes or details that need to be addressed and send them to you for correction or confirmation.

Do you have questions for us?

From covering floors to controlling dust to maintaining a clean worksite, we have always made it a priority to keep our clients and their homes safe throughout the remodeling process. Strict health and safety procedures have never been more important than they are now.

We want you to be safe and comfortable as we transform your home into the beautiful space you’ve been dreaming of. We would love to answer all your questions and help ease any concerns you may have about the remodeling process.