Why You Should Avoid Ultra Custom Home Remodels

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Home Design

You want your home to feel like your own. It’s great when you’re able to see your unique personality reflected in your design. But how unique is too unique? It could be a leopard print-themed room, for example, or a bathroom where the tub, sink, and toilet are all gold. From a design and resale perspective, it’s generally wise to avoid ultra custom home remodels like these. Here’s why:

Your Home’s Resale Value

Ultra-custom bicycle themed room

Selling a home is usually stressful enough, even when buyers are lining up with great offers. Unfortunately, homes with ultra custom rooms or features are often difficult to sell because they almost always have a smaller pool of interested buyers.

There just aren’t as many people out there who want to buy a copy of a hobbit house from Lord of the Rings.

If you end up wanting or needing to sell your home at some point, an ultra custom home remodel will make it that much more difficult.

Return on Investment

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to take on remodeling projects with a great ROI. In addition to potentially decreasing your home’s value, an ultra custom remodel can hurt you on the other side of the ROI equation as well. That’s because ultra custom home remodels are typically very expensive.

Hobbit House

Finding the exact pieces you want can be costly and time-consuming. Shipping can take longer, or items may need to be built from scratch.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate your favorite one-of-a-kind pieces into your home. A great designer will know exactly where to look for that gorgeous antique furniture or that uniquely colored natural stone countertop. All matching, leather-lined kitchen appliances, on the other hand, could be difficult to obtain.

Tricky to Replace

The more custom your design, the harder it will be to replace or repair if problems arise. This is especially true if a considerable amount of time has passed since the original remodel. The right replacement pieces and materials could be nearly impossible to find if your original source is no longer an option.

Custom corner fridge

One common example of this is non-standard refrigerators. Some custom kitchens have weird, quirky spaces for refrigerators that only accommodate a specific, non-standard size. This can turn into a headache for the homeowner. It can also turn off potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Embrace Your Vision

While there are some legitimate practical concerns with ultra custom home remodels, this is your home, and you are the one who will live in and enjoy the space long after contractors leave. If you have a unique vision, but you’re concerned about ROI and future resale options, a good designer can help you find the perfect balance between unique and practical.

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