Wallcoverings Make a Comeback in 2018

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Bathroom Design, Bedroom Design, Cool Spaces & Ideas

Interior design trends are cyclical. Yesterday’s faux pas might be today’s new idea. Wallcoverings, wallpaper in particular, might have been incredibly popular in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, but in recent times many homeowners have traditionally opted for paint.

However, wallcoverings are making a strong comeback for 2018. Once viewed as outdated and boring, wallpaper is seeing a resurgence as novel, fun, and design forward.

What Exactly Are Wallcoverings?

A wallcovering is any decorative finish to a wall. The term usually refers to wallpaper and can include paint, but we’re talking about more elaborate coverings. These might include tiles, wood panels, ceiling tiles, rough-cut stones, or even fabric.

Wallcoverings can span from floor to ceiling, or only rise to waist-high on a wall. Some designers use wallcoverings as a backing for a bed or to define other specific spaces. A wallcovering can be used to frame doors or windows and can add drama to a room in the form of an accent wall.

A simple and elegant satin nickel wallcovering that adds a dynamic aspect to a small powder room.

An eye-catching wallcovering of birch trees brings the outside in, complimenting the master bedroom alcove.

What Are Popular Wallcovering Options?

There are many popular options for wallcoverings. Innovations in wallcoverings include tufted leather (faux leather) and other fabrics and papers. Imagine a pillowy backing to a bed or a waist-high chalk wall treatment that covers the perimeter of a toddler’s room or play area.

Recent innovations have propelled wallcoverings to a new level. While paper is still popular and widely used, different textiles and materials are becoming increasingly popular and extremely interesting. Designers are experimenting with wood veneers and panels, different metals, images, patterns, and more. When it comes to wallcoverings, the sky’s the limit – if you can dream it and get it to stick to a wall, you can do it.

Where Can You Use Wallcoverings?

Wallcoverings can be used in any room of the house. An accent wall is an excellent place to start. However, make sure you choose wallcoverings that suit the look and feel you want for the room.

Tufted fabrics might be best used in bedrooms, while tile and rough-cut stones might be better options for a living room or dining area. Consider brick or stones around a fireplace. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make a bold statement with your design.

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