What to Expect Working Virtually with a Home Remodeler

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Remote Remodel

remote home remodel project from afar with house plans and ipad

Times like these mean everything in our lives is just a little different. From weekly shopping trips to family reunions, to how we spend our workdays, more and more is being done remotely (at least for now). The same is true for home remodels.

Curious about what a virtual home remodel looks like? Whether you’re concerned about social distancing requirements or you’re simply remodeling a house you own from afar, it’s still possible to work remotely with your remodeler to design and build your perfect space!

Remote Design Consultations

The goal with virtual home remodels is to simulate the process of an in-person project as much as possible. Both the designer and the client should treat each meeting with the same level of preparation and attention as they would in a traditional setting. A virtual meeting should take the same amount of time and cover the same detail as an in-person meeting.

Your initial design consultation will be a conversation between you and your designer about your project and vision, what you’re hoping to achieve, and what your designer can offer you. Although you’ll be speaking with your designer on the phone, over text or email, or through video conference, the conversation will be much the same as it would if it took place in person.

With remote consultations, it’s important to remember that your designer is still providing the same service over the internet as they would be in their office or in your home. Don’t expect them to reveal completed design solutions before a contract is signed. Instead, take this opportunity to get to know them and how they work and to convey your design preferences and vision. Looking at their website and portfolio before you meet is a great way to get an idea for their work and process.

How the Virtual Design Process Works

Once you and your designer have agreed to work together and a contract has been signed, the fun begins! The virtual remodel process follows the same basic structure as a traditional remodel — it simply incorporates remote meetings and communication when necessary.

Once your budget, timeline, and project goals have been discussed and your contract is signed, the first step is to begin measuring, photographing, and evaluating the existing mechanical systems and structural support of your home before professional plan drawings are developed.

virtual kitchen remodel process

Then you’ll begin working with your designer to select the colors, materials, products, and other features for your project. Your design team should see to all the details and secure the necessary permits, communicating with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is at the forefront of each design decision. Just because you’re working virtually with your remodeler doesn’t mean you should be any less involved.

Here’s what to expect from a virtual home remodel:

  • Phone calls, text messages, and emails will be used frequently to communicate and exchange information.
  • Permits and inspections are obtained through the internet.
  • Computer-generated plans will be scanned and sent to you electronically to review.
  • Throughout your project, you should receive regular updates and be kept informed about the status of your project and any schedule changes.
  • Should any ongoing processes or details need your attention, on-site camera shots will be sent to you for review or confirmation.

It’s important to note that, even if your remodel is taking place virtually, your designer may still request to meet with you onsite in some instances; however, any good remodeler will take special precautions to ensure you, your home, and any on-site workers are protected.

Are you looking to remodel your home virtually?

Whether you’re concerned about maintaining social distancing, are living in a different state to the location of your project, or are too busy to meet frequently in person, we are here to help make your virtual remodel a success! Our experienced team of design professionals at L. Evans Design Group understands the importance of communication and we know how to work with you remotely or in-person to transform your space!

If you have questions about how we work or you’d like to discuss your project, give us a call at (971) 404-1241 or contact us online. You can also read about the steps we’re taking to keep you, your home, and our team safe during COVID-19 here.

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