Upscale Home Renovation Ideas That’ll Never Go Out of Style

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Home Office

interior of a modern home living room with high ceilings and dark blue accents

Your home is your castle — your own personal escape from the stresses of the outside world. Its design should reflect your unique style and accommodate your entire family’s preferences and lifestyle. From spacious master suites, private and lush outdoor areas, to sophisticated home offices, the right home renovation project(s) can transform your living spaces.

Whether you’re looking to add elegance or function, we’ve got upscale home renovation ideas that will elevate the spaces in your home and ensure you never want to move!

Grand Entryways

white home with dark brown hardwood floors and a nice grand entryway with winding staircase

Your home’s entryway or foyer area acts as the gateway between its exterior and interior spaces. You can think of it as an introduction to the rest of your house and design aesthetic. Luxury homes tend to have grand, spacious entryways whose designs reflect the homeowner’s personal style. Arches, unique windows, and statement doorways are a few architectural features that contribute to a luxury feel.

Universal Design Upgrades

grey living room with a grey couch and grey floors

A home that is easy to navigate for people of all ages, abilities, and disabilities never goes out of style. Universal Design (UD) is used in architecture and interior design to create spaces that are accessible, understandable, and usable for all. Aging-in-place upgrades, sloped entrances and ramps, shower bars, easy-to-grip handles and knobs, and well-distributed lighting are examples of UD in the home.

Higher Ceilings

white grey modern living room with large glass windows and natural light

High ceilings add instant elegance and sophistication to a room, so there’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular home renovation projects among homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury to their interior spaces. Higher ceilings make your home feel larger and more grand. They also give you the opportunity to experiment with unique architectural and design features like textured ceilings and extra-long floor-to-ceiling drapes.

Elegant Master Suites

master bath with large walk-in closet and pretty marble flooring

A master suite, which refers to a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, is one of the most sought-after features among prospective homebuyers. Remodeling one of the bedrooms in your home to act as a master suite can transform a generic bedroom into a tranquil, private oasis. Adding a walk-in closet contributes to a master suite’s luxurious atmosphere, as do soaking tubs, double sinks, and large windows.

Wine Rooms & Cellars

NW-Contemporary wine rack installlation

For wine lovers and collectors, there’s nothing like having your own cellar in your home to store your favorite wines. Not only do wine rooms provide ample space to maintain and grow your collection, but a well-designed and executed wine cellar also helps maintain the quality of your wines by regulating temperature and other environmental conditions.

Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces

Even the most stately and elegant homes often have unkempt, unusable backyard spaces. Beautiful landscaping is great, but adding outdoor living spaces like decks, covered patios, sunrooms, solariums, outdoor kitchens, and gazebos can truly make your backyard feel like an extension of your home.

Functional Home Gyms

white home gym

Adding a home gym is a great way to add function and luxury to your property. Many homeowners choose to refinish their basement spaces to act as their home gym, since basements are naturally soundproof and don’t have any floors beneath them. Another option is to build a separate home-gym structure somewhere else on your property. This allows you to include windows, opt for higher ceilings, and make your gym truly your own.

Private Home Offices

home office remodel with windows and a curved desk

Working from home is more common than ever before. But even if you go into work at an office, having a workspace at home can help keep you organized, add sophistication and class to your home, and give you additional flexibility. From traditional bookshelf-lined studies to contemporary tiny-home garden offices, attached or detached home offices provide a unique opportunity for design.

Multi-Purpose Garages

Your garage doesn’t have to just store your cars and out-of-season camping gear. A multi-purpose garage can act as an important part of your home, especially if it’s properly insulated. From gym rooms to craft spaces, workshops to home theaters, you can transform your garage to become a unique and important part of your family’s home and lifestyle.

Home Theaters

home theater with large screen

Who doesn’t dream of cuddling up in luxury recliners with a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie on the big screen in their own home? A home theater is the perfect way to add a unique room that’s purely for entertainment and fun. It also helps keep your living room and/or family room clean. Basements are ideal locations for home-theater remodels, since they’re naturally soundproofed and at least partially underground, so it’s easier to keep sunlight out.

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