Transitional Style Kitchens (Everything You Need to Know)

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Kitchen Design

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Having trouble choosing the right style of kitchen for you and your home? If you wish you could incorporate your favorite elements of more than one kitchen style, the good news is you can!

Do you love the sleek lines and stark color contrasts of contemporary kitchens, but also want your space to feel timeless and comfortable? If you want a kitchen that blends exciting new design solutions with old-world charm, a transitional kitchen might be the perfect solution!

What is Transitional Kitchen Design?

Unless you’re a designer yourself or are super in-tune with trends in home design, you may never have heard of “transitional” design before. Although, for many, the term is unfamiliar, transitional spaces are among the most popular kitchen styles homeowners choose when remodeling their homes. That’s because the style offers lots of flexibility and choice.

Transitional kitchen design combines the simple, sleek style of a contemporary kitchen with the timeless elegance of a traditional kitchen. It combines new design elements with classic ones to create truly unique spaces that blend styles in unexpected ways.

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With transitional design, the goal is to mix the old with the new, but each space is unique. There isn’t a specific set of rules that dictate which elements should embody contemporary style and which should look more traditional. The idea is simply to blend traditional with contemporary to get the best of both worlds without creating an unpleasant contrast.

Features of Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens mix and match features from different styles, so there are no strict rules about what “transitional” cabinets or countertops look like. That said, there are some tried and true combinations of features that bring traditional and contemporary elements together to create gorgeous transitional spaces.

1. A Mix of Natural and Man-Made Materials

Mixing natural materials with man-made ones adds instant intrigue and contrast to your space, and it’s a hallmark of transitional design. There are lots of ways to combine natural and manmade elements in your kitchen. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Wood floors and industrial bar stools
  • Exposed ceiling beams plus metallic hardware
  • A natural stone range hood and glass-tile backsplash
  • Ample house plants and bamboo blinds paired with stainless-steel appliances

2. Traditional Cabinets in Modern Finishes

Shaker, raised-panel, and other classic cabinet styles are one of the major selling points of traditional kitchens. They add dimension and charm to a space, and are guaranteed to never go out of style. In traditional kitchens, wood or simple white finishes are standard. If you love traditional cabinets, but you want a more transitional and unique look, a great option is to stick to traditional door and drawer styles but opt for a more modern stained or painted finish, or even a unique or bold color.

Painted Cabinets transitional-kitchen

3. Simple Surfaces with Ornate Details

One of the most popular ways to mix contemporary and traditional style is to keep the clean lines and simple finishes that are characteristic of contemporary kitchens and then add more traditional and ornate details. When you choose to go this route with the design of your kitchen, you’re essentially choosing a clean, minimalist canvas to then fill with the traditional statement pieces you love and want to truly shine.

For example, you might opt for simple, flat-front white cabinets and sleek marble countertops but incorporate architectural ceiling details, ornate light fixtures, and a statement range and hood.

4. A Consistent Color Palette

By definition, a transitional kitchen combines design features in unexpected ways. A great way to tie all of these elements together to create a space that still feels cohesive and put-together is to stick to a consistent color palette throughout your kitchen.

Keep in mind that cohesive doesn’t have to mean neutral. Your transitional kitchen could focus on natural wood tones and tans, but it could equally combine crisp white, black, and fire-engine red. Blue and green tones are also common choices in transitional design. Whatever color theme you choose as the backdrop for your transitional kitchen, keeping it consistent throughout the space will help tie everything together.

Is a transitional kitchen right for you?

Are you having trouble choosing a style for your kitchen remodel? If you love elements of both traditional and contemporary style, you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can mix and match features of each to create a beautiful, cohesive space that brings your favorite elements of design together.

Working with a designer who has a comprehensive understanding of transitional and other kitchen styles and who understands and prioritizes your vision is the best way to transform your dream kitchen into your real kitchen!

If you’re excited by transitional design and want to incorporate it into your remodel, we can help! Send us a message to discuss your kitchen remodel or other project, and don’t forget to check out our kitchen portfolio for inspiration!

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