7 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Style Kitchen

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen style with natural wood

Choosing a traditional style for your kitchen remodel adds timeless elegance to your home. Since traditional kitchen design embraces classic charm and avoids trends, your space will never look outdated or tacky. Remodeling your kitchen in a traditional style means you can enjoy the conveniences of modern appliances and technology combined with gorgeous design elements that have stood the test of time.

As one of the most recognizable and beloved kitchen styles, traditional design goes with almost any kitchen layout and is characterized by warm tones, ornate detailing and craftsmanship, and natural materials and finishes.

1. Raised-Panel Cabinet Doors

Unlike contemporary and mid-century modern kitchen designs, which both favor clean, unobstructed lines, traditional kitchens are defined by their details. This often includes raised-panel cabinet detailing. In a raised panel, the cabinet door has a center panel and an overlay or outer rim.



Raised-panels are one of the more formal, timeless choices for cabinets. They add dimension and instant elegance to your kitchen. If you want to make raised-panel cabinets stand out even more, consider pairing them with a few glass-front cabinets or adding an antique finish or glaze.

2. Architectural Ceilings

A statement ceiling is one of the hallmarks of traditional kitchens. There are lots of unique, beautiful, and timeless ways to make the ceiling a prominent design feature in your kitchen, whether you’re working with a smaller space or an expansive, two-story kitchen.



Here are a few architectural ceiling styles to get you inspired:

  • Coffered
  • Exposed-beam
  • Shiplap
  • Shed-style
  • Tray
  • Brick or stone

If you love the idea of a statement ceiling, but the three-dimensional, architectural look feels too extravagant for your space, consider adding subtle stenciling or wallpaper to your ceiling for a less permanent, still traditional look.

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3. Bay Windows

Bay windows have been a staple of home design since the early English Renaissance, and have long been used in traditional kitchens. Also known as “recessed” windows, these windows are designed to provide more light than standard ones that are flush with the wall line, and they’re most commonly placed over sinks or in seating nooks.



Adding a bay window to your kitchen comes with a whole host of benefits, including the following:

  • Added natural light
  • Panoramic views
  • Unique design possibilities
  • Increased property value

4. Warm Colors and Tones

Contemporary kitchen designs generally involve stark color contrasts and sharp lines, but traditional kitchens favor a more subtle, gentler approach. Details and shapes tend to be ornate and eye-catching, while colors and tones remain neutral and warm. Creams, tans, beiges, and browns make up a traditional color palette, while natural wood grains, metallics, and stone and brick can add texture and dimension.


traditional style kitchen with warm tones and wood


Sticking to warm, neutral tones in your traditional kitchen gives you the design freedom to explore unique textures and statement artwork or hardware.

5. Luxury Countertops

One of the defining elements of traditional kitchens is the focus on quality, and especially when it comes to countertops. As your primary food-preparation surfaces, countertops are one of the most noticeable features in any kitchen. Marble, granite, and quartz are beautiful, traditional options that have stood the test of time, and will continue to be universally loved for years to come. They also pair beautifully with almost any color scheme.

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6. Ornate Light Fixtures and Hardware

Traditional kitchens often feature ornate and decorative light fixtures, such as brass chandeliers or old-world pendant lights – styles you might often associate with living rooms, dining rooms, or parlors as opposed to kitchens.



The hardware in a traditional kitchen is often ornate as well, adding to the elegant and timeless feel of the space. These elements can really help tie the entire room together and should therefore be chosen late in the design process to avoid clashing or making the space feel overly elaborate or extravagant.

7. Custom Range Hoods

One of the reasons older homes are appealing to many homeowners is that they tend to have so much character. Traditional homes often have features that are one-of-a-kind or specific to a particular era. Such features may include stained-glass, a statement chandelier, original hardwoods, or built-ins. In traditional kitchens, custom range hoods add instant character and charm!



A custom-built range hood made of stone, brick, metal, or plaster can act as the centerpiece of your entire kitchen! If you choose to go with a statement range hood as part of your traditional kitchen remodel, it’s also a good idea to select an equally elegant range and backsplash, since your range hood frames the entire space.

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