5 Clever & Stunning Staircase Remodel Ideas for Your Home

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Whole Home Remodel

5 Clever & Stunning Staircase Remodel Ideas for Your Home


We give a lot of focus to our living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms—but what about the staircase that links these areas together?

Staircases are one of the most functional components of our houses. This also makes them a strong base for your overall design aesthetic. In this post, we will discuss 5 staircase remodel ideas that will revamp your style and dramatically improve the functionality of your home:

  1. Add Staircase Molding
  2. Build Shelves Under Your Stairs
  3. Change Your Handrail
  4. Switch to an Open Staircase Design
  5. Incorporate Universal Design

Add Staircase Molding

An easy way to transform your staircase is to simply add molding. Molding can either fill your entire staircase wall, or you can use trim molding to only outline the shape of your stairs.

Staircase molding adds depth and visual interest rising up your stairs. Especially if you have an existing molding style in your home, incorporating it into your staircase will uphold consistency. Even if you don’t, a subtle vertical or geometric pattern would make a perfect addition to a contemporary home.

Build Shelves Under Your Stairs

Lack of storage space is one of the top household complaints. To add more simple storage space, consider turning the empty space under your stairs into beautiful shelving or cabinets.

Recessed staircase shelving is perfect for your library or collectibles. Adding lights underneath your shelves also gives a dramatic touch and aids in navigating your home. Or, consider pull out shelving that hides flush with your wall. This is perfect for storing camping gear, sports equipment, or other regularly used items.

Change Your Handrail

If your handrail feels dated (or if you don’t have one at all), sprucing it up will bring new life to your staircase.

Sleek wood is a classic choice, but don’t stop with a traditional baluster or round bar. Instead, consider adding a different material such as metal tension wire for an industrial look. Or for a standout modern statement, your handrail can be recessed into your wall.

Metal is also a gorgeous statement. Simple forms can again add an industrial feel to your contemporary home, or intricate curves can add a dramatic flourish to more traditional homes.

Switch to an Open Staircase Design

Traditional staircases close off the area underneath them with a wall. However, an open staircase does the opposite; these float above your space, providing plenty of space and a dramatic line that draws the eye upward, making your space feel twice as big.

There are myriad options to achieve this effect. For a traditional style, imagine a closed angled staircase crafted with rich wood floating above a hallway. Or for an airy modern feel, cantilevered stairs with thin balusters reveal the space behind and around your stairs.

Incorporate Universal Design

Last but certainly not least, Universal Design (also known as aging-in-place design) is a crucial consideration for making your home enjoyable for decades to come. Stairs are often too narrow or tall making them unsafe to climb for aging individuals and children.

Along with installing railings, the steps themselves should be well-balanced and meet today’s building code. Dimensions are crucial to get just right, so it’s best to trust professionals such as L. Evans Design who are experienced in aging-in-place design. In addition, adequate lighting is key for safe traveling up and down your flight of stairs. And finally, the surface itself should not be slick to prevent slipping.


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