Space-Saving Design Ideas for the Home

by | May 18, 2016 | Cool Spaces & Ideas

closet with ceiling-high storage

Every homeowner, whether they live in a sprawling mansion or a humble cottage, often runs into a problem with space. Most of us live in homes that have at least one area that is overflowing with our stuff. However, there are ways to maximize the space you have. When you redesign rooms and rethink the arrangements, you will find that you can save space and make room for the things, and people, that matter most. We’ve put together a few space-saving ideas for your home.

Platform Beds

Architecture, interior of apartment furnished, nice bedroomFor years, we’ve stored items under our beds. It’s a great place for homeowners to store boxes of winter clothes or holiday lights. You might consider replacing your existing bed with a platform bed. Some models include shelves and cabinets underneath, allowing you to access your stored items easily. Platform beds also eliminate the need for a box spring, saving additional space. These beds are great for a children’s room!


Lofted beds may take you back to days in your college dorm, but they can make the most of your bedroom space. Even if you only loft the bed 4-5′, you can use the space to contain a chair, dresser, or even entertainment systems. Leave enough headroom for yourself and your newly designed bedroom will take on newfound functionality and fun! Since you will want to avoid a dorm-room aesthetic, consider building the loft with special woods. You might also think about painting or staining the wood to create a beautiful and practical loft system.

Lofts can also work in a variety of other situations. For instance, you could build a platform for your desk and chair, and use the newfound space beneath to store items. Alternately, you can create space overhead and keep your workspace on the original floor.


Look Up!

For extra space, look upwards. There is so much empty space that goes unused in homes. You can build cabinets or shelving close to the ceiling so that you can store your extra linens, books, or even decorative items. Imagine if you installed a shelf or cabinet above every door in the home.

How much storage space could you create?

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds may seem like a relic from the past, but they can be a vital part of home design. If you’d like to maintain your small office space, but also want a guest room, a murphy bed might allow you the space you need to work, then unfold to a proper bed when your best friends and family members come for a visit.

Contact a Certified Design Professional

For additional guidance, contact a local interior designer for advice. Designers can create unique and customized solutions to maximize the space in your home. If you live in the Portland-metro area, contact L. Evans Design Group!

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