Initiating the Home Remodeling & Design Journey in Portland

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Initiating the Home Remodeling & Design Journey in Portland

Portland is known for its quirky charm and appreciation of individuality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s residential neighborhoods, where it’s common to see an array of different architectural styles on a single block. In the Rose City, home remodeling doesn’t just mean replacing old materials with new ones. It means evolving your home into a reflection of your own unique style and vision, culminating in a space that embodies the true meaning of “home.”

Getting started is often the hardest part of the home remodeling process. That’s why we’re here to break down the very first steps you should take on your Portland home remodeling journey. From developing a vision of your ideal space to hiring local design experts and contractors, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Why Behind Your Remodel

As time passes, we inevitably evolve in terms of our needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Maybe you need more space for your growing family. Maybe you’re starting to think about aging in place. Maybe you’ve recently accepted a remote position at work and require a dedicated home office.

Whatever your “why” might be, a well-designed home remodel offers a unique opportunity to ensure your living spaces reflect your own life story.

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Initial Steps Before Diving Deep

So you’ve decided that you’re ready for a change. But where do you actually begin? You never want to start your home remodeling journey without an idea of how you want your results to look. Take your time to develop a vision, set a preliminary budget, and consider your needs and wants carefully before you dive in.

Assess Your Current Space

Start by making a list of the things you love about your current home and the things you don’t. For example, older Portland homes sometimes feature original millwork, stained-glass windows, or a cozy wood stove. Your most-cherished features in your home can guide you to your vision, and they can even act as focal points in your design. The elements you don’t like or that don’t work well for your family can then be replaced or updated!

Set a Realistic Budget

Setting a rough budget early on can help you narrow down the scope of your project. Projects that alter your home’s floor plan, involve luxury materials, or add square footage generally add to costs. But keep in mind that average home remodeling costs can differ from city to city. Local Portland designers and contractors like L. Evans Design Group can offer localized expertise when it comes to sourcing materials and budgeting.

Home renovations are rarely straightforward, so it’s always best to expect the unexpected. That’s why including a contingency fund is essential to smart home-improvement budget planning.

Dream, Research, and Gather Inspiration

Once you have a project type, scope, and budget in mind, it’s time for the fun part! Explore design websites and home-improvement magazines to narrow down your style and get a sense for your ideal final results. Saving your ideas by creating inspiration boards on platforms like Pinterest or Houzz can help you discover your favorite color palettes, materials, patterns, and other design features!

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Finding the Right Professionals

There’s no doubt that choosing the right remodeling professionals for your Portland project is a vital step in creating the home of your dreams. But before you start contacting companies, you need to know what to look for.

The Importance of Local Expertise

Portland, Oregon has its own culture and architectural history. A local remodeling company that truly understands the Rose City can offer a more nuanced and cohesive design. 

Additionally, a local company like L. Evans knows exactly how to navigate the ins and outs of Portland building codes and zoning laws. We’ll help you obtain necessary permits and ensure the construction process is in accordance with local regulations.

Interviews and Consultations

After looking through portfolios and customer reviews to get an idea of what a remodeling company in Portland can do, it’s a good idea to dive deeper into how they work and whether they’ll be a good fit for your renovation. 

A preliminary interview and consultation will give you a chance to ask specific questions about their design and build process as well as establish effective communication and chemistry between you and the team.

Planning and Design Development

Developing your design and fleshing out your plans with an experienced home remodeling designer is when you really begin to see your dreams come to life. 

Once you’ve set the renovation process in motion, the design team at L. Evans Design will conduct a thorough initial consultation and develop a comprehensive, detailed design plan for you to look over and approve. We’ll carefully take measurements and photographs to create professional architectural drawings so you have a clear and accurate view of the space. At this stage, it’s time to make final decisions regarding the details of your project. 

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Setting a Timeline and Preparing for Construction

A traditional home renovation project requires a detailed design phase followed by gathering permits, subsequent construction, and a final walkthrough. Work with your contractors to develop a timeline that is realistic and accommodates your needs. Before construction begins, it’s also essential to prepare both the space itself and your family. Be sure to clear the construction area of all personal items. This will protect your belongings from damage and make the entire construction process more efficient. 

Any type of major construction is going to come with some inconveniences and disruptions to your family’s daily life. For example, if you’re having your kitchen redone, you’ll want to arrange another way to prepare your food and store ingredients. If you have household members who need to work or study, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones to help them focus. Or, if you’re remodeling your entire house, you might consider making arrangements to stay with family or rent a temporary living space during the project.

Initiating the Home Remodeling & Design Journey in Portland - Living area

Embarking on Your Portland Home Transformation Journey

Getting started on a home remodeling project can feel intimidating at first, but transforming your house into a home that reflects your individual style, meets your family’s needs, and makes you feel relaxed and refreshed is truly rewarding. 

The distinct charm of Portland neighborhoods and homes also makes the remodeling process more fun and meaningful. From traditional Victorians, to eclectic craftsman-style homes, to luxury downtown condos, every Rose City home has its own personality. At L. Evans Design, we love working with Portland homeowners to help them preserve the unique character of their properties and enhance their best features with remodels that resonate deeply and truly feel like home.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your project, and let’s start designing the home of your dreams!

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