L. Evans Named A NARI 2022 Regional Contractor of the Year AND A NARI 2021 Pacific Northwest Contractor of the Year!

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 L. Evans Named A NARI 2022 Regional Contractor of the Year AND A NARI 2021 Pacific Northwest Contractor of the Year!

In February 2022, L. Evans Design Group Inc. was named NARI 2022 Regional (Contractor of the Year) CotY Winner for the Region 6 Northwest’s Residential Addition between $100,000 – $250,000.

In March 2022, L. Evans Design Group Inc. was also named NARI 2021 Pacific Northwest CotY Winner for the addition.

The Pacific Northwest achievement was announced March 30, 2022.

Both the Regional and Pacific Northwest awards were presented at the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) 2022 CotY Evening of Excellence celebration and ceremony on April 7th, 2022 in Savannah, GA.

The Project


The existing floor plan of this home left a lot to be desired. The laundry room felt cramped and the kitchen was sandwiched between a lackluster dining room and a problematic step-down sunroom, which felt disconnected from the rest of the house. The existing flat roof over the sunroom also created constant leaking issues. 

Overall, the space lacked openness, flow, and design interest, and required substantial redesign and remodeling to make the owner more comfortable.


  • Demolishing the old sunroom and laundry room and rebuilding the space with a more open floor plan was the obvious starting point. We poured a new foundation to expand the laundry and sunroom and raise it to the level of the kitchen floor. The new foundation created adequate crawl space for all new mechanicals. The new framing of the walls and roof would remedy the dry rot issues.
    • Rebuilding the old sunroom and vaulting the ceiling with a new roofline allowed us to incorporate this space into a large kitchen expansion as well as accommodate the new roofline for a laundry/bath combo.
    • Removing the walls between the sunroom and dining room and installing load-bearing beams resulted in an open, functional space that perfectly suited the owner’s entertaining style. We also added a stunning floating custom island to serve as a focal point in the new space.
    • Installing new windows and a new door to the backyard added flow and function. We also relocated the sink to the outside corner of the kitchen so the owner could enjoy the backyard view while working at the sink and enjoy the natural light that the new windows provided.
    • Designing a spacious, modern kitchen with wonderful spaces for cooking & entertaining, modern appliances, ample storage, and plenty of flow to the rest of the space added the openness and elegance the homeowner was seeking.
    • Adding square footage in the laundry gave us room to install a moderately-sized shower, toilet, and additional storage. This transformed the space into a multi-purpose, highly functional area, making it usable as a guest bath, daily laundry room, and a mudroom for those long days in the backyard.
    • Upgrading all mechanicals and replacing the old water heater with a new on-demand system added to the space’s usability and gave it a high-tech feel.
  • Adding beautiful custom finishes with a contemporary moody vibe created a space that was more fitting to the owner’s personality and created a beautiful gathering place with an abundance of function, convenience, and style.

Before & After Photos


a living room with an archway and some chairs slightly outdated kitchen with oak cabinets before a remodel

The old kitchen was sandwiched between the dining room and the step-down sunroom, which made the space feel cramped and confined. This layout made for inadequate storage and counter space, as well as a lack of natural light. The sunroom’s flat roof was also causing leaking issues on a regular basis for the homeowner.



a kitchen island with decorative bowls on the counter and a black fridge in the background with a view of a glass door leading into a yard

By removing unnecessary interior walls, vaulting a section of the ceiling, and raising the floor of the sunroom to be level with the kitchen, we were able to transform the rooms into a modern, serene space. The new configuration was more practical, open, airy, and inviting.


Before & After

outdated kitchen remodel with a fridge and some dining chairs a new kitchen remodel with a grey granite island and overhead lighting

By removing the walls, we’ve added both aesthetic and functional flow to the space and created a lot more elbow room in this gorgeous new kitchen. The sleek floating island acts as the centerpiece. For added ambiance, we installed toe-kick lighting under the island cabinets.


Before & After

old kitchen, dining room, and sunroom with lots of green plants beautiful open kitchen with lots of grey storage cabinets and natural lighting

The walls that divided the old kitchen, dining area, and sunroom resulted in a cramped environment that lacked flow and usability. With the walls gone and the sunroom floor raised, we were able to create a beautiful open kitchen design that allowed for greater mobility, increased counter and storage space, and abundant natural lighting.


Before & After

old sunroom with an elliptical and some plantsmodern kitchen with a silver a hood and dark navy backsplash
By adjusting the layout of the space and releveling the floor, we were able to incorporate the existing sunroom into the new kitchen space, improving flow and functionality. Along with the kitchen expansion, we created a new entrance to the adjoining laundry room off the kitchen. And talk about cooking central – the new gas cooktop and workspace are to die for!


Before & After

old sunroom with windows, an elliptical and plants a modern open kitchen with hardwood flooring, cabinets, and more
By raising the sunroom floor to expand the new kitchen, relocating the sink, and installing new windows, the homeowner can now enjoy a full view of his gorgeous backyard while cooking and doing dishes.


Before & After

archway of a kitchenkitchen with an island and navy backsplash

Opening up the arched wall produced a functional and streamlined space, highlighting a beautiful working island with a prep sink. We also added a 5-panel reed glass door to provide privacy for the owner’s office just off the kitchen.


Before & After

sunroom with dark green paint in portland oregon recently remodeled sunroom with dark green paint and lots of trees

The updated rooms with a brand new roofline and the laundry footprint expansion create an elegant, functional space – and no more leaking roof!



old washing room with a washing machine and a dryer small washing machine with a water heater in the corner

The old laundry room was confined and restrictive, with the small room allowing just enough space for a washer, dryer, and water heater.



newly remodeled laundry and bath room with storage for clothes remodeled guest bathroom with a shower
The beautiful new laundry/bath combo with added square footage is more efficient to use and pleasing to the eye. Its handy location off the back of the home makes it convenient for the homeowner to clean up after a day spent working in the yard.


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