Our All-Time Favorite Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with White Cabinets

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Kitchen Design

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas With White Cabinets



You’ve picked out a stunning set of white cabinets and even decided on a countertop. But have you thought about the space in between?

Kitchen backsplashes are often an afterthought, but they have the potential to bring a new life to your entire space. Especially with white cabinets, you can play with contrast and shape to create a variety of designs from ultra-clean to classic.

To give you some inspiration, we’ll share some of our absolute favorite white cabinet kitchen backsplash ideas:

1. Keep it clean with white tile




Foolproof and sleek – it’s hard to go wrong with a white tile kitchen backsplash. Especially paired with white cabinets, this clean style can feel right at home in both modern and contemporary kitchens.

White tile kitchen backsplashes harmonize seamlessly with stainless steel appliances. To avoid feeling too sterile, dark or natural wood accents add just enough character without diminishing the airiness of the backsplash and cabinets.

Black or gray grout can also be used to create a more industrial look, though you’ll want to make sure to also use dark accents on your cabinets or countertops to not make the contrast feel out of place.

2. Use seafoam-tinted natural glass for subtle contrast



Natural glass produces a gorgeous shade of green that will truly bring your white cabinets to life. Not too sterile nor too bold, this option is a perfect middle ground you’ll love for years to come.

Because of its dash of saturation, a seafoam green backsplash works fantastically with rich, golden tones of wood. Don’t be afraid to incorporate modern flair though; consider simple black contrast elements such as pendant lights or cabinet door handles.

3. Geometric gray tile is a versatile choice



If gray seems like a run-of-the-mill choice, it’s time to think again. The key to making gray work with white cabinets is in the geometry. To achieve a classic style ideal for traditional kitchens or craftsman homes, choose micro-sized gray tiles in varying hues. Its rocky tone blends beautifully with white cabinets, making your kitchen style feel both rustic and clean.

Alternatively, consider breaking the mold of rectangular or square tiles altogether. Hexagonal or octagonal tiles draw the eye around the entire length of your backsplash, adding a unique character to your space without overpowering your cabinets.

4. Black or dark navy tile for a bold contrast



There’s no reward without a little risk. Thankfully, your kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to go bold – and nothing is starker than black or dark navy tile backsplashes against crisp white cabinets.

Black and white concepts work spectacularly in modern style homes, but they’ll also add timeless character to contemporary kitchens if planned just right.

Firstly, don’t jump straight to the standard gloss finish tile. Explore matte or lightly polished finishes to cut glare and deepen their contrast. Also consider using dark grout, as white grout will outline each tile and distract from the rest of your space.

Navy tile can be more forgiving but is still an excellent candidate for creating a bold contrast. Wooden floors or accents pair brilliantly with rich blues. It’s also a gorgeous complement to brushed gold fixtures, a detail that will surely make your kitchen stand out.

Be careful about incorporating other saturated colors, however, as it can quickly shift your navy backsplash from elegant to brash.

White Kitchen with Red Table

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