Professional Tips for Creating the Ideal Kitchen Island

by | Jul 31, 2016 | Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Islands are all the rage these days. People love to use them as food-preparation counters, informal eating spots, and as a place for the stove-top. If it’s a large enough island, some use theirs as all three. When you decide to install or remodel a kitchen island, there are a few professional tips you need to consider. This post will discuss creating the most ideal kitchen island, including these tips:

  • Consider Your Flow
  • Where to Tuck the Seats
  • Storage & Other Utility
  • Electrical Outlets

Consider Your Flow

Consider the flow of the space and how you move through your kitchen. If you have enough room to create a kitchen island, you may be used to using that space in a particular way. If the kitchen is a room that you pass through, look at how you intend to use the island versus how it impacts the flow of traffic through the room. If it is intended as a place to sit and eat or relax after work, will the person seated there be disturbed when the neighborhood kids stream through en route to another part of the house?

Where to Tuck the Seats

If you intend for the island to be a place to have a casual meal, make sure the seats can tuck under the counter when not in use. This will depend on your available space, but if you can place stools or chairs beneath the counter, the island will be all the more self-contained and your seats will not be in the way of passersby.

Storage & Other Utility

One great part of installing a kitchen island is the increased storage space. Not only can you store items in cabinets below the island’s surface, but you can also consider installing an appliance there if you are considering a remodel of your whole kitchen. If, for instance, you are in an older home without a dishwasher, you might consider installing one beneath the island. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining, a small refrigerator can store copious amounts of ice, beverages, or party snacks.

Another great aspect of an island is the ability to store pots and pans on a chef’s rack hanging overhead. Not only is this practical, but it adds a functional aesthetic to your kitchen. You will look like you’re running a real culinary operation when you have a trove of pots dangling overhead. You can even put less-used items on the very top of the rack.

Electrical Outlets

The kitchen is the center of your home, thus placing your island at the very midpoint. Make your island all the more usable with electrical outlets for plugging in kitchen appliances, electronic devices, or additional lighting. Your guests may appreciate having a spot to charge their phones and if you work from home, you will love keeping your laptop charged from the island.

Kitchen Island Ideas

For additional ideas on how to lay out your kitchen to include an island, check out some of our past projects in our kitchen portfolio! L. Evans is a Certified Master Kitchen Designer™ who has helped countless homeowners design the perfect kitchen for them. Do not hesitate to contact Linda today to get started on a plan for a new kitchen built for you.

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