A home design and remodel process is a collaborative one. We work together with our clients on everything from the initial design to the budget to continued partnership after construction begins.

Many people have questions about the details that go on behind the scenes. Some of that behind-the-scenes magic is exciting, like the mental process of creative design. Other elements — like securing permits — are less glamorous but just as essential to the success of any project.

Here’s a rundown of how we work.

The Mental Process of Interior Design

Living room after remodel process

What goes on in the mind of an interior designer in the early stages of a project? In a way, we try to put ourselves in your shoes. A good designer will use what you want (your style preferences and functional needs) as a starting point. Then we carry over our interior design knowledge and experience to generate ideas that will work for your home.

Designers think about questions like:

  • Who will be using each area, and how will they use it?
  • How can we take advantage of unused spaces and make them work for you?
  • What’s the most efficient layout based on your family’s traffic patterns (how you move in your home)?
  • Can you and your family really picture yourselves living in the space we’re planning?
  • How can we layer details over your big picture vision in a way that’s pleasing to the eye?
  • Am I staying authentic to your wants and needs?

The best designer will let you be as involved or not involved in the design process as you want to be. Do you have plans already drawn up and want a professional designer to look them over? No problem! Or, if you’d rather give us a basic wish list and let us take it from there, that’s great too.

The Practical Details

Colorful paint swatches for remodel process

There are many other practical steps we need to take before we begin actually making your design a reality. This includes selecting products, materials, colors, etc. Our goal is to find pieces that you absolutely love but that also fit into a budget proposal that works for you. Getting this part right often includes a good deal of coordinating with suppliers and traveling to and from showrooms.

As the design and budgeting stage nears its conclusion, we have a good idea of how the building phase will need to go. At this point, we secure all the necessary permits and engineering requirements for your project. Then we’re able to present you with a schedule for the remodeling phase.

The Construction Phase

The construction phase of remodel process

There’s not a lot of behind the scenes action during the remodel process — most of what we’re doing will be pretty apparent, plus we make a point to consistently communicate with you so we can keep you informed of our progress and address any new questions that come up.

On the other hand, there are some things we do that aren’t so obvious.

We stay aware of your convenience and comfort:

We never forget that we are working in your home. It’s important to us that you and your family can continue to live your lives with minimal stress during construction. An experienced manager is always on site to make sure your home is safe and secure, and that dust and noise are kept to a minimum.

We’re always problem solving:

Even with the best possible plan and construction team, issues occasionally arise that no one could have predicted. Weather elsewhere in the country could delay the shipment of certain materials. We might pull up an old carpet to find termite damage that needs to be addressed before we put in new flooring. We’re always ready to address issues big and small so we can keep your project on track and on budget.

We are respectful of your neighborhood:

We’re a local company and we care a lot about the communities we live and work in. We’ve also found that homeowners and their neighbors really appreciate it when we take steps to limit noise and keep the home’s exterior as clean and nice looking as possible.

Trust L. Evans Design Group for Your Next Remodel

Now you know a lot about how we work. If you have more questions about our process, or you’re interested in working with us, call us at (971) 404-1241 or contact us online to get started.