There are as many home bar designs as there are home bars. Though it is possible to purchase a premade home bar, when you design your own, the results reflect your unique vision, aesthetic and sensibility.

In this post, we’ll take a look at why you should design a home bar, the benefits of a home bar, and we even offer a few home bar designs for you to consider.

  • Why Design a Home Bar?
  • The Benefits of a Home Bar
  • Our Favorite Home Bar Ideas

Why Design a Home Bar?

When you design your own home bar, the results reflect you and your personal aesthetics. Home bar designs, in particular, are a great place to let your creativity run free. After all, people go to bars to be themselves, to let down the veneers they rely on for work or elsewhere in their outside lives.

When approaching home bar designs, consider home bar solutions such as reclaimed materials, stone countertops, and even glass blocks. Other ideas include stand-alone cabinets that house your bottles and bar accouterments, simple rolling carts for convertible spaces, and cabinets with pull-out shelving for your bottle collection. Also, consider using small wine fridges, stand-alone ice chests, and whether to install plumbing in your home bar.

The Benefits of a Home Bar

There are many home bar solutions that will suit your particular needs and aesthetics, and they all provide great benefits. One of the chief benefits is the satisfaction of having a cozy, welcoming bar of your own making. There will be far less need to visit other bars since you’ll have one at home. Thus you won’t need to worry about driving after having a cocktail or two.

With a home bar, your home entertaining enters a new dimension. Your friends will love hanging out at your unique bar, and you get to invite exactly who you want to. You can also determine what sort of entertainment you’d like: you get to decide what game to watch and when you want to watch it, or you can have friends over for cocktails and a movie. With a home bar, you set the agenda, because it’s your bar.

Our Favorite Home Bar Ideas

There are so many home bar ideas. Some of our favorites include recessed can lighting set to a dimmer switch. We also love finding unique bar tops. The variety is endless when it comes to bar tops: reclaimed wooden bar tops from classic taverns, bars made from the cross-section of old trees whose dramatic rings add texture and interest to the room, and even stone countertops in the color and cut of your desire.

Dramatic lighting dictates the level of intimacy you desire. Sometimes, you might prefer to leave the rest of the room dark, and bathe the bar in dim, amber light creating an intimate atmosphere. At other times, brighter lights can help keep a room of guests lively and engaged in conversation or entertainment.

When you design a bar, consider the room’s focus. Do you want all eyes at the bar, with a television mounted behind it? Or, maybe you’d prefer a bar set back in the room, providing a space for conversation, away from the major gathering space? Your bar is what you dream of it – the possibilities are endless!

L.Evans Design Group Can Make Your Dreams a Reality

A home bar puts the finishing touches on a home. Whether you tuck the bar away in your basement or in an accessory structure behind the house, L. Evans Design will convert your dreams into reality. Contact us today with your questions about a home bar for your home.