4 Finished Basement Ideas for Your Next Remodeling Project

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Finished Basement Ideas

Finishing a basement might be one of the most satisfying accomplishments of being a homeowner. Being able to turn a barren, dark, and unwelcoming space into a place of warmth and enjoyment is worth it in so many ways. You’ll add square footage to your home and now have a great space in which to play, work, or entertain guests.

On top of it all, when you complete the remodel of your previously underused basement, you’ll be adding to your home’s value. This post is all about exploring finished basement ideas for your next remodeling project. Our 4 top ideas we’d like to share with you are:

  • Home Bar
  • Laundry Room – Sewing Room – Hobby Room
  • Man Cave
  • Playroom

Home Bar

A home bar is a great use for a finished basement. You can entertain all of your friends and family, who will long remember your hospitality. Finished basement bars are excellent places to watch the big game or have a quiet evening with a few close friends.

There are endless options when it comes to remodeling a finished basement as a home bar. Our favorite home bar ideas are:

  • Classic wooden bar
  • Modern bar with granite and glass blocks
  • Hidden bar
  • Elegant and formal bar
  • Prohibition-style bar

A home bar is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself and have fun while doing it! From simple to extravagant, the sky’s the limit. Your bar should reflect you and your specific tastes. If you need a little inspiration, be sure to talk with your remodeler about design options.

Designing and building a bar in your basement will add a new dimension to your home. Your social and family lives will improve, and you will love having an informal spot to hang out, without ever leaving home.


A finished basement playroom is a wonderful thing. It can easily change and grow alongside your kids. Playrooms are a great asset to have during the whole year, but they will get a ton of use during the fall and winter seasons. This winter, your kids will love having a game room where they can play while the rain falls outside.

If you have older kids or ones that love sports, you could create a sports court playroom for them in your finished basement. Sports courts are versatile and can easily accommodate all types of sports from basketball, to tennis, to foursquare!

Choosing to put in a sports court doesn’t limit the finished basements usability. The court material is durable and can handle furniture and heavy objects, meaning it could double as an entertainment room too.

Your very little ones might appreciate a concrete floor where they can ride their trikes and push bikes. Extra character can be added to the concrete slab by staining it using a stencil. Imagine a world map, a hopscotch outline, or a race track.

No matter what design you opt for it’s important to get the most out of your new playroom. Consider adding built-in shelves and cabinets. This is great for storage and keeping the chaos of a playroom down to a minimum. In the future, when your kids get older or even move out, you can repurpose those shelves and make a small library or you might integrate it into a basement bar area.

Playrooms allow space for kids to discover the world through play. They also can be turned into gaming parlors for the adults, once the kids go to sleep. You will be able to host gamers for evenings of bridge, poker, or your favorite board game. Basement playrooms are for all ages!

Laundry Room, Sewing Room, Hobby Room

A finished basement laundry room can take up a little or as much space as you’d like. Though this might not seem like the most exciting remodeling option, have a large space dedicated to laundry and cleaning might a great fit for your needs.

Depending on space and the size of your family, you could have 2 washers and dryers, a folding table, a work sink, and a drying rack, just to name a few options. Picture a tranquil space, with just the right lighting, and all the space you could possibly need for laundry.

If the room is large enough you can incorporate elements like a sewing or hobby table as well. Or if laundry isn’t a big concern you can ditch that all together and create a project space for your passion be it woodburning, pottery, quilting or any other arts and crafts projects. A large open space to work on with excellent lighting are key to ensure your final products turn out how you envisioned them.

If size is an issue or you would prefer not to have a dedicated laundry room in your finished basement, you can remodel the finished basement into a small laundry room and guest suite.  

Having a dual purpose finished basement never hurt anyone, and having a small laundry area in the guest suite wouldn’t be too obtrusive.

Man Cave

A finished basement man cave is the universal dream of all men who need some space, and the options are endless! The finished basement remodel can be customized to fit a multitude of aesthetics.

If you’re a sports fan, you might build a platform to elevate a second row of seating for game day – just like at the stadium. Others might prefer building a bar and making a pool table the focus of activity, like a billiards room. With a very large basement, you might be able to create a space for active gaming and another spot for watching sports or movies. This dream can become a reality if you use the entire basement.

Man caves come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are rustic and wooden, others feature brushed aluminum and carbon fiber for an ultra-modern aesthetic. They all have one thing in common, however: maximum enjoyment of a space that was formerly little more than a dust collection and a barren concrete floor.

Finishing a basement opens a new chapter in the life of your home and family. Whether you choose to create a home bar, playroom, man cave, or laundry room, making great use of that space will be a boon to your family.


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