One of the several fireplace design ideas we'll discuss in this post.


Winter in the Pacific Northwest can mean a lot of things. Some of us wax up our skis or snowboards and hit the slopes. Some of us enjoy the early dusk, the long rains, and the opportunity to buckle down for some real productivity. What we can all agree on, though, is the cozy comfort of sitting in front of the fireplace on a chilly evening.

That’s why your fireplace should look and feel as gorgeous as the rest of your home. Upgrading your fireplace is a quick way to transform your living room and create an entirely new social space. In this post, we’ll outline several fireplace design ideas to prepare you for a cozy winter:

  • Should You Choose a Gas Fireplace?
  • Frame Your Fireplace
  • Update (or Build) Your Fireplace Mantel
  • Fireplace Décor Inspiration

Should You Choose a Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are every bit as warm as regular fireplaces and can start up in a snap –which means more time enjoying the warmth. Another benefit is that gas fireplace inserts can be installed without the cost of constructing an entirely new chimney.

Gas fireplaces can also be configured in many different ways. You can opt for a traditional style featuring a square opening and faux logs. Or for a contemporary look, you can choose a long and narrow opening revealing only flames.

However, while gas fireplaces are less expensive to maintain, the cost of fuel makes it more expensive to use. You’ll also lose out on the authentic crackle and aroma of traditional logs.

Frame Your Fireplace

For traditional or craftsman style homes, it’s hard to go wrong with brick. Red brick is classic, but also consider white or black painted brick for a refined appeal. You might also consider stone for more rustic atmosphere.

Modern homes can also consider a wide variety of flat materials. Burnished metal is an excellent choice for darker décor, while tile and concrete add lovely texture that will emphasize the shape of your fireplace.



Update (or Build) Your Fireplace Mantel

When consider fireplace design ideas, never overlook the mantel. And if your current fireplace lacks one, installing a mantel is a quick way to make it look brand new. For fireplaces that lay flush with a wall, a mantel will also draw the eye upward and make your space feel much larger.

Mantels can be designed in most any way imaginable. Classic mantels, such as those with beautiful wood detailing, are often tied to the fireplace frame. However, contemporary and modern mantels can float above the frame with a single piece of wood. A contrasting color is a great way to add even more character to your wall.

Fireplace Décor Inspiration

Fireplace décor is a smart way to bring new life to your space every season. Choose pieces that not only reflect the time of year but also match the style of your entire home. Classic fireplaces do well with foliage and candles, while modern fireplaces love simple ceramics and picture frames.

Also, consider choosing a few fixtures that add to the feel of your fireplace. Fireplace pokers and log racks are great understated touches, while a bright mirror above the mantel compliments a classic fireplace.



If the fireplace of your dreams doesn’t match the style of your home, we’re here to help. Contact L. Evans Design for a Portland home remodeling consultation, and be sure to click through our whole house remodeling portfolio for more inspiration.