Cascade Foothills Kitchen Remodel Before & After

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Kitchen Design

At L. Evans Design Group, we love kitchen remodels. This striking remodel came to us from a couple who wanted something a little different. They weren’t afraid of color, and they wanted to completely maximize the space in their kitchen.

Before: Drab, Dark and Cramped

Interior kitchen remodel in the Cascade Foothills

The kitchen wasn’t a happy place. It was extremely cramped and drab – it was just ‘there.’ The small island didn’t provide a lot of storage, and its placement actually made the space smaller, and the cabinets didn’t maximize the height of the room. The overhead lighting failed at highlighting the area or providing any kind of warmth. Overall the space just lacked any semblance of character or charm.

After: Spacious with Striking, Vibrant Color

Interior kitchen remodel in the Cascade Foothills

After consulting with the couple and working with them to determine what they wanted in their space, we came to a concept of rustic with a pop of color. The space is now a completely different room!

We used a combination of colors and materials. With natural wood floors and a beautiful subtle granite, the contrast in the cabinet colors really draws the eye. The vibrant blue not only makes the room pop, but the blue cabinet and hutch combination acts as a statement piece. We brought all the different elements together with a stone backsplash that ties in the soft sage green hues of the granite, the stainless steel appliances, and the blue of the cabinets with the natural wood tones.

One of the goals for the space was to lose the cramped feel. We did a number of things to achieve this: we turned the island, bringing it out of the immediate area, and we made it longer. The hanging pendant lights highlight the granite counter, which adds more counter space. We used ceiling height cabinets, which help create a larger feel by cutting down on empty white space on the walls (and they’re also great for more storage).

We brought the room up to modern times with a beautiful farmhouse sink and recessed lighting that highlights different areas of the space and adds a warmth to the room that was lacking before.

L. Evans Design Group Excels at Kitchen Remodels

We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent working on this kitchen remodel. At L. Evans, we work directly with our homeowners to determine the perfect design for both their unique tastes and spaces. The color combination in this kitchen was unique and totally true to the homeowners!

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, contact us today! We have a passion for design and remodeling, and we love working with many different spaces and design concepts.

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