Breaking The Norm: Designing for Your Own Taste, Not Your Home’s

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Cool Spaces & Ideas

A remodeled kitchen for home remodel ideas

You may have a mid-century bungalow in the middle of town, but you prefer a more traditional style. Can you reconcile the two? The short answer is yes! With a few smart home remodel ideas you can remodel or refurbish your home to reflect the design style you prefer. You are never locked into one aesthetic based on the architectural style of your home. In fact, when you mix things up you add interest and effectively create your own, unique style.

Traditional: Elegance In Any Home

The great thing about traditional home design styles is that they work in many different types of homes. An ultra-modern condo can take on a traditional feel with historically accurate details, like wainscoting, recessed panels, and even Crown Moulding. The modern elements might seem to clash with the traditional, but with the right eye and designer/remodeler, the two different design styles can complement each other in incredible ways.

Modern: For The Here And Now

Modern home design and mid-century modern are often mistaken because of the similarity in the terms. However, mid-century refers to the mid-1900s (1930s-1960s) and embodies a design style with minimal fuss, clean lines, and functional design. Modern design, on the other hand, is a style that relies on angles, clean straight lines, and minimalism.

Modern design is taking hold more and more throughout the country. Portland is a great example with many new, modern buildings erected each year. You can make your home’s interior modern with lots of open space, minimal decor almost to the point of no decor, and angular furniture. Another aspect of modern design is using a combination of wood, glass and metal elements throughout a room or home.

Rustic: Not Just For Cabins

Here in the Pacific Northwest, rustic homes are very popular, but you don’t have to buy a cabin on Mt. Hood to have a rustic home! Local materials, such as douglas fir, can be used for flooring and paneling. River stones are a great option around a fireplace or in a shower, and reclaimed materials are always great for a true rustic feel.

Rustic elements can also be integrated into a traditional, modern, or even mid-century modern aesthetic. For instance, reclaimed-wood paneling can be modernized with interesting angles integrated into a design, and you can even decorate with wood furniture in a traditional style. There are many ways to integrate rustic elements into multiple design aesthetics.

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