Bathroom Storage Ideas for Your Next Remodel

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Bathroom Design

bathroom with extra countertop storage

New tile and fixtures in your bathroom will certainly improve the feel of your home (and also impress your guests and family members). But in terms of improving the usability of your bathroom, nothing beats the simplicity of adding more storage space.

More storage means more space for supplies –eliminating those desperate moments when you run out of toothpaste or toilet paper. Keep reading to discover bathroom storage ideas to consider while you plan your next remodel. We will discuss:

  • Creating More Space
  • Overhead Storage
  • Vintage Bathroom Accessories

Creating More Space

The main thing your bathroom will need to increase its storage capacity is, of course, space. Unfortunately, many bathrooms are designed with a limited amount of extra room. With the help of Portland contractors through L. Evans Design, it may be possible to move non-structural walls and create cabinet space.

You might also consider downsizing some of your utilities, such as switching from a double sink to a single sink or converting your tub to a shower. The extra space this creates could then be used for shelving or even new bathroom cabinets.

Overhead Storage

If you are on a budget or simply cannot add more space to your bathroom, your answer might be simple: look up. Unused overhead space can easily be converted into bathroom cabinets or shelving. Great examples include around the door, above the sink, or over the toilet storage.

Hanging baskets are another great option that can be placed high. They offer a unique look and can handle all the extra towels, soaps, and personal products you need.

Vintage Bathroom Accessories

To add some unique style to your bathroom, consider scooping up some upcycled décor. Vintage finds can easily be used as extra storage space on countertops or shelves. While anyone can go to a showroom and purchase new designs, a little searching can turn up unique items from a bygone era in interior design. One trend we have really enjoyed is the penny bathroom floor upgrade. This unique and beautiful design does rely on a rather large collection of pennies but it brings a vintage look and upcycled aesthetic that is hard to resist. We love to combine modern style with vintage accents in our bathroom remodels, especially if they contain sentimental value to you.


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