The Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Bathroom Design

bathroom remodel project

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, but it often gets overlooked. A great bathroom remodel can bring you many years of joy and comfort, but a bad remodel can cause trouble down the road and even make daily tasks frustrating.

Here’s what to do (and not do) to ensure a successful bathroom remodel:

Do: Work with a designer

Or even better, work with a general contractor who is also a designer. When you have the same person working on your entire project from start to finish, you get someone who:

  • Understands the ins and outs of the construction process.
  • Knows what’s possible and what delivers the best results.
  • Can reference their construction knowledge when working with you on your design.
  • Knows how to make design suggestions that align with your vision for your bathroom.

Don’t: DIY

Unless you’re a designer and contractor yourself, we recommend steering clear of the do-it-yourself route when remodeling your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most difficult and complicated projects to get right. It can also be extremely costly when it goes wrong, from plumbing problems to water damage, and from common safety hazards like slippery floors or rickety shower bars.

When you work with a remodeling professional you trust, you know your bathroom will be safe and functional for the long haul — not to mention a gorgeous place to relax and unwind. Additionally, when you hire a professional, they bring years and years of bathroom remodeling ideas that will help get you the look you want while avoiding common design mistakes.

Do: Choose your surfaces carefully

The surfaces in your bathroom will need to withstand a fair amount of water, especially near the sink and in the shower. It’s worth choosing high-quality materials that will last. Quartz, granite, and good quality laminate are great options. Tiles can work too as long as they’re well sealed.

Make sure you have plenty of counter space too, especially if more than one person will use the bathroom at the same time.

Don’t: Be afraid to splurge on those added comforts

Have you always dreamed of heated flooring? Or a towel warmer outside the shower? These seemingly small details are often the deciding factor of what makes a good bathroom remodel. If there’s one place in your home where you should feel free to pamper yourself, it’s the bathroom.

In the bathroom remodel below, we not only installed a towel warmer within reach of both the shower and the tub, but we also built the homeowners a luxurious walk-in shower with double showerheads.

Do: Prepare for the unexpected

When you begin budgeting for your remodel, be aware that surprises could arise. For example, will you find rot when you lift up the old bathroom flooring? Will you find out that the original plumbing or electrical work wasn’t done properly?

These kinds of setbacks aren’t common, but they do happen. You can lessen their potential impact on your project by leaving a little extra room in your budget, and you’ll greatly decrease the likelihood that setbacks will happen in the first place by working with a great remodeler.

Don’t: Skimp on lighting and ventilation

Bathrooms tend to get a lot of use in the morning and evening when there’s little or no natural light. Plus, not everyone wants large windows in the bathroom, which makes lighting an important consideration. For most homeowners, it’s about finding options that provide adequate light near the mirror(s) without creating an overly bright or harsh changing room feel.

Ventilation is an equally important but easy-to-overlook factor. Good ventilation can prevent the annoying foggy mirror problem. Even more importantly, it can help you avoid long-term damage from excess moisture, which is an especially serious problem in the Pacific Northwest.

Can you picture your dream bathroom?

At L. Evans Design Group, we handle the entire bathroom remodeling process, including design and construction, with industry-leading craftsmanship and complete dedication to your design vision. We can’t wait to build you a bathroom you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

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