Will an Attic or Basement Renovation Add Value to Your Home?

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Basement, Cool Spaces & Ideas

An attic renovation that adds a loft, bathroom, and bright windows


There’s a lot of talk these days about ways to increase home value, and we think it’s a fantastic trend. Not only do these renovations make your house worth more, but they also make your home a much more comfortable and enjoyable space. Two of our favorites are an attic or basement renovation -but will either add to the value of your home?

The short answer: it depends. To better understand why, we will talk about the following 4 topics and what they mean for home value:

  • Adding Bathrooms
  • Closets Are What Constitutes a Bedroom
  • Heated Space
  • Minimum Ceiling Height

Adding Bathrooms

One key factor home appraisers look at when evaluating home value is the number of bathrooms. If you are choosing between remodeling your basement or attic, consider which could fit a bathroom. It may be more difficult to include a bathroom in the attic, but by adding a dormer you can create a comfortable amount of extra space for a full or half bath. Curious to learn more about adding more space? L Evans Design specializes in home additions in Portland.

Closets Are What Constitutes a Bedroom

When you remodel your attic or basement, consider including a closet. Even if you have no immediate use for a closet in those spaces, that addition generally turns a regular room into what Realtors consider a legal bedroom (so long as it also meets square footage requirements dictated by building code). In order to qualify as a closet, you won’t need to do very much. A shallow coat closet can suffice, but if you can create a walk-in closet you’ll have an even stronger bargaining chip for a future sale. Adding bedrooms will always boost the value of a home.

Heated Space

Once you have decided to finish out your basement space or attic for that new room, don’t forget to insulate and properly heat the space. Not only will this make your spaces more comfortable, but they will also legally increase the total square footage of your home. It’s pretty straightforward to run ductwork into these areas so that they qualify as heated space. Make sure that there are several vents in each room in the space, just in case you subdivide the square footage into separate rooms in the future.

Minimum Ceiling Height

When you choose between an attic or basement renovation, you’ll also want to consider which has higher ceilings. In general, 7-foot-high ceilings are the minimum of what you’ll need to qualify your attic or basement as a truly livable space along with a legal stairway to these areas. Building codes may vary between cities and states, so when in doubt, consult your Portland home remodeling professionals at L Evans Design.


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