6 Super Cool Room Ideas to Upgrade Your Home for 2017

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Bedroom Design, Cool Spaces & Ideas, Whole Home Remodel

One of our cool room ideas is breaking the mold with dark, non-monochrome paint colors


The new year is a time to freshen up your home and shake all that was 2016. While some trends from last year are here to stay for a while, others have evolved or are jumping into popularity.

We’ve compiled our top 6 cool room ideas that can be used to liven up nearly any space in your home. This list includes:

  1. Window Boxes
  2. Dark Paint Colors
  3. Playful Low-Hanging Pendants
  4. Black Steel Accents
  5. Simple Ceramics
  6. Shaggy Artisinal Rugs

Trend 1: Window Boxes

New windows are often a part of a home makeover, but consider also installing a window box to bring a bit of your garden closer to the indoors. Outdoor plant varieties will provide a refreshing contrast to your houseplants. Plus, painting your window box a color complimentary to your house will add a bold pop of curb appeal.

Trend 2: Dark Paint Colors (Especially Rich Emerald Green)

The past few years have been dominated by bright white rooms. Slowly, dark contrasts have come into vogue such as accent walls or subway tile. 2017 will usher in a full reversal with the rise of oft-neglected dark paint colors.

Don’t reach for your charcoal or gray paint colors, though. Slightly saturated tones such as shades of emerald or deep forest green and plum will bring more dramatic moods without falling into a boring monochrome rut. Colors will also provide the opportunity to work with your existing furniture.

Trend 3: Playful Low-Hanging Pendants

This trend is fantastic for two reasons: 1. Pendants provide gorgeous soft light to areas of a room that are often neglected, and 2. their long cords provide a visual cue that draws the eye upward and makes rooms feel much larger.

Modern homes can’t go wrong with the classic mid-century modern bubble lamp by George Nelson. However, contemporary homes should still lean toward modern designs that feature geometric shapes, solid surfaces, or elegant curves. Be sure to avoid overly-complicated styles or, worse, a chandelier.

Trend 4: Black Steel Accents

Regular stainless steel has been a safe option for fixtures and appliances for years. 2017 will once again take it a step further with darker tones.

If you’ll be remodeling your kitchen this year, you’ll want to consider black stainless refrigerators, ovens, and faucets. Black steel will bring an especially refreshing pop to modern homes that are typically brighter; search for chairs or wooden pieces with sleek and simple black steel bases.

Trend 5: Simple Ceramics

As indoor plants become more popular, their receptacles are earning more attention as well. Explore simple ceramic planters or vases that feature clean geometry with unique colors or patterns.

Don’t stick with just one statement piece, however. Instead invest in many smaller pieces that can be mixed, matched, replaced, or reused throughout the year. And while it’s tempting to simply grab some pieces from Ikea, you’ll be rewarded by searching for vintage Gainey pots or small-batch crafts online such as http://www.vitrifiedstudioshop.com/ and http://www.heathceramics.com/.

Trend 6: Shaggy Artisanal Rugs

While we’re talking about handmade goods, our last trend for 2017 will almost certainly be artisanal rugs. Don’t get these confused with intricate Turkish rugs or drab 70’s messes; the rugs you’ll be looking for will be simple in form and shape but feature either a bold pattern, texture, or accent color.

A shaggy oatmeal handwoven rug with an indigo shape will bring a clean visual to your bathroom. Or for a stunning statement piece, discover a textured rug with asymmetrical splotches of either pastels or bold jewel tones.


Any trends we’re missing? Please leave them in the comments below! And if you’re planning a Portland home remodel in 2017, be sure to contact us for an on-site consultation

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