This bathroom floor is perfect blend of modern and contemporary.


As one of the most oft-visited spaces in the home, a well-designed and unique bathroom provides a positive living space for you, your family, and guests. Flooring is an especially personalized decision, yet many homeowners only consider traditional styles (or even ignore their floors altogether).

In this post, we’ll explore 4 bold bathroom flooring ideas that sacrifice neither aesthetic nor functionality. Whether you’re upgrading a traditional, contemporary, or modern bathroom, these ideas will compliment your personal style. These bathroom flooring ideas include:

  • Concrete Bathroom Flooring
  • Bamboo Floors (and Accents)
  • Rubber Bathroom Flooring
  • Geometric Bathroom Tiles

Concrete Bathroom Flooring

There is a lot a concrete floor can do for your bathroom. It’s impervious to water, endlessly customizable, and will last for years. Concrete floors are a simple way to break the mold and achieve a dramatic look. And contrary to popular belief, they’re no colder than ceramic tile or stone!

Polished concrete bathroom flooring provides a sleek surface that perfectly compliments modern bathrooms. Gray tones look fantastic with both crisp whites, pops of bold color, and wooden accents. Or for a warmer feel, consider staining your concrete a sepia tone which, again, looks remarkable with fresh whites.

Bamboo Floors (and Accents)

For the eco-conscious homeowner, hardwood floors may seem like a fantasy. But with bamboo bathroom floors, you can enjoy the stunning grain of wood from a sustainable resource. Bamboo is also mildew resistant and much harder than typical woods. Your only precaution will be sealing it as regularly as any other wood variety.

Don’t stop at just your floors, though. Bamboo is also a fantastic alternative for all wooden accessories in your bathroom such as cabinets or vanities. Thin bamboo slats can even create a bold accent wall or ceiling.

Rubber Bathroom Flooring

If you’re partial to industrial design, this will be one of your absolute favorite bathroom flooring ideas. Rubber bathroom flooring is waterproof, exceptionally durable, and also comfortable to walk on.

A classic gray with slightly raised round circles pairs well with minimalist design, such as white ceramic and light woods, without being too dramatic. Or on the opposite spectrum, your rubber bathroom floor can become the focus of your space with a saturated pop of color.

Geometric Bathroom Tiles

Don’t be confused with traditional wide bathroom tiles. For a truly unique style, embrace some geometry! Imagine small tiles with a non-square pattern, such as thin rectangles or even octagons. To highlight the shape, choose a contrasting tile and grout color.

Slate gray tile with white grout provides a unique feel without overpowering other design elements in the bathroom. For a more traditional style, you can opt for a subtle contrast such as beige tile with white grout which will be a gorgeous compliment to other rich colors.


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